About Us

Our Founder

Our story started with Corey Hodgson's belief in something revolutionary; that business could be a force for good, and in 2017, Pantry Plus was born.
PantryPlus is dedicated to helping sick children in our community have access to adequate funding for care and research.
By continuously donating 10% of our profits toward Australian children’s foundations, we will ensure that businesses that benefit from the community give back.
As the business grows so will the impact on the community.
Our hybrid social enterprise model gives our customers the power of choice to maximise the impact we have on the community.
At Pantry Plus, we believe that community is everything and we strive to improve the Brisbane and wider community in which we serve our loyal customers.
We are a profit with purpose organisation and act in accordance with Our Core Values.
Our Core Values 
We apply high standards to everything we do.
Remain Professional - always.
Pay attention to detail.
A custodian improves their community and lays the foundations for the future.
Being a custodian is about respecting your community.
Respect for our customers. Respect for ourselves. Respect for our community.